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3D - EDIBON Three Dimensions System

5572 views - 2015-07-16 08:12:18

3D – Hệ thống ba chiều của EDIBON




"3D" system uses ONE SENSOR at the end of a robot, that moves in the space (3 axes, so three dimensions). This sensor gets the results, and in nearly real time is sending the information to the ELECTRONIC INTERFACE (control interface) that manipulates and controls the signals.

These signals, by using a SOFTWARE package, specific for any particular application, are handled by the computer (PC), so the results can be seen in the computer screen in THREE DIMENSIONS, as it happens in the real world.

The system is very complex and it only uses a signal at a time. It is an excellent and complete system for demonstrating things that happen in the space, as sound, liquid movements, magnetic fields ,etc.


This system uses:


- Base-structure and robot.

- Sensor in the teaching unit.

- Control interface.

- Common and standard data acquisition board (PCI) placed in a computer slot.

- Software package specific for any teaching unit doing: Control, Data acquisition and Data management.


This "3D" system is used for:


- Electrical fields.

- Magnetic fields.

- Mechanics study.

- Acoustics study.

- Optics study.

- Thermodynamics study.


Phan mem 3D – Hệ thống ba chiều của EDIBON

3D – Hệ thống ba chiều của EDIBON 1


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