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MVE CryoSystem 6000 Full Auto

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The MVE CryoSystem 6000 Full Auto combines the compact efficiency of aluminum dewars with the monitoring and auto fill features of the TEC 3000 control system. The differential pressure-based level control allows this unit to easily be used for liquid or vapor storage with a -190°C top box temperature. The TEC3000 continually monitors and records temperature and LN2 levels, auto filling when needed, and providing audio/visual alarms with remote connectivity when necessary. The enhanced safety factor of not having to manually fill this unit also helps maintain a consistent temperature profile for vapor storage.
The CryoSystem 6000 Full Auto provides the convenience and security of high capacity stainless steel freezers for your average sized sample collection at a fraction of the price.
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  • Fully automatic LN2 level control and temperature monitoring
  • Can be used for liquid or vapor storage
  • Tracks and displays LN2 consumption
  • 17 user-defined audio / visual alarms including High Temperature, Low Level, Liquid Usage, Fill Timeout, and more
  • Remote monitoring and communication capabilities
  • Electronically stores up to 10 years of unalterable, time-stamped data events for traceability and troubleshooting
  •  Transportable in emergencies or in the event of natural disasters
  • Single temperature monitoring



Number of Canisters  6
Number of 1.2 & 2.0 ml vials 100/box  6,000
Boxes per Rack  10


LN2 Capacity L  175.0
Static Evaporation Rate* L/day  4.0


Neck Opening in. (mm)  8.5(216)
Overall Height in. (mm)  37.9(963)
Outer Diameter in. (mm)  26.5(673)
Weight Empty lb. (kg)  156(70.7)
Weight Full lb. (kg)  478(216.8)
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