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MVE Automation Series Cryogenic Freezers

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The MVE Automation Series unites security with function. The foundation begins with the MVE 1500P-190 High Efficiency Freezer and a specially-engineered sample storage tray. The BioStore III Cryo is designed to retrieve samples from custom square racks (non-custome square racks cannot be used). The automated retrieval device lifts the rack, allowing the operator to simply withdraw the sample with a few taps of the screen. Simple, safe, swift, secure—MVE Automation Series Freezer.
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  • Delivery time: 8h00 - 18h00 daily
  • Genuine product, provided width CO, CQ
  • 03 months of free warranty for consumable and accessories
  • 12 months of free warranty for main equipment
  • Accessorie's price is applied only when purchased with
    main equipment
  • Contact us for any particular accessory's quotion
Email: Every day in week
  • Fully automated sample retreival
  • No lifting required
  • Dry sample storage
  • -190°C top box temperature
  • Two tier step
  MVE Automation Series
Maximum Storage Capacity  
1.2 & 2 ml Vials (Internally Threaded) 25,200 (estimated)
Number of Racks† 100 cell boxes 18
Number of Stages per Rack  14-2
LN2 Capacity L  797  
LN2 Capacity at Platform Vapor Storage L 133
 Unit Dimensions  
 Neck Opening with Automation Device in. (mm)  13.7 x 6.3 (348 x 160)
 Neck Opening without Automation Device (MVE Factory) in. (mm)  17.5 (445)
 Overall Height with Automation Device in. (mm)  108 (2743) (estimated)
 Overall Height without Automation Device (MVE Factory) in. (mm)  56.8 (1445)
 Door Width Requirement** in. (mm)  60.0 (1524)
 Freezer Only Weight, Empty (MVE Factory) lbs. (kg)  720 (327)
Freezer Only Weight, Liquid Full, No Samples (MVE Factory) in. (mm) 2140 (971)
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