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ELE International April 2020 Newsletter

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April 2020 Newsletter 

COVID-19 ELE International Update 

As we continue to monitor the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak, now being referred to as COVID19 by the World Health Organisation, I wanted to provide an update on how ELE is working to protect our staff and support our customers during these challenging times.

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NEW Universal Testing Machine Range 

Hydraulic and Electronic Type Universal Testing Machines available.

Models range from 3 kN to 2000 kN.

Comply to ASTM A370, ISO 10180, ISO 15630, DIN 488, JIS G3112.

Customisable reporting. 

Interchangeable tensile insert grip system.

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Autocomp 100-A Marshall Compactor ASTM with Flexible Head (guarded) 

The Automatic Marshall Compactor is designed to provide a stable and rigid mechanism to be used for preparation of bituminous specimens for Marshall Stability tests. Comes with flexible head which can be adjusted to customer preference. 

Complies to  ASTM D 1559, ASTM D 6926, AASHTO T245.

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AUTO Soils Consolidator 

Designed and engineered for geotechnical laboratories to deliver new levels of efficiency in testing procedures. 

Customer benefits:

- Fully automatic – reduces testing time

- Compact footprint – saves laboratory space

- Save configurations for easy set-up of multiple cells and repeat tests

- Control up to 16 AUTO Soils Consolidator machines from one PC – improves laboratory efficiency

- Ability to include manual consolidation frames – avoids redundancy
- Includes DS8.0 Auto Analysis Software

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AUTO Soils Consolidator Calibration Kit

For the calibration of the load and displacement transducers.

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Geo-Congress 2020

ELE exhibited at the Geo-Congress 2020 in Minnesota.
Our compact AUTO Soils Consolidator was on display at our stand.

We thank all our customers for visiting our stand and we hope to see you all again next year.
The Egypt Projects 2020

ELE's distributor Market Leaders exhibited at The Egypt Projects exhibition in Cairo.

Some of ELE's key reliable equipment was on display, including the ADR Touch Control PRO.

Thank you for everyone who visited the stand.

Coming Soon

Addition to our SoilTest PRO Range

ELE will be bringing further automation to soil testing labs with the addition of the new AUTO Soils Direct/Residual Shear Machine (ASD). By automating an important soil test, the ASD enables 24 hour testing, accelerates test times, increases sample throughput and frees laboratory staff for other work.
Expected to launch Q2.
ADR Touch Control PRO 2000/250/25 kN

ELE will be launching the ADR Touch Control PRO 2000/250/25 kN, one machine allowing you to test both concrete and cement. Saving you space and money.
Expected to launch Q2.

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