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Flat ISFET pH electrode 0040-10D

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The sensor is located on the flat surface of the tip, with less than a 100 μm difference from the housing.
Warranty: 3 months

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• Measurements can be made from a minute amount of moisture on the solid sample surface.
• Use of a semiconductor sensor means there are no concerns that the electrode will be damaged.
• Also perfect for measuring samples in shallow containers such as Petri dishes.
• Waterproof construction
• Repalceable Sensor


Recommended: For surface measurement of gelatinous materials such as nutrient agar, and foodstuffs such as meat. Evaluation of sheet materials such as cloth or paper.

Applicable temperature range(℃) 0~60 
pH range  0~14
Liquid junction Porous sintered polyethylene
Internal Type solution  #300 (KCl)



Flat ISFET pH electrode 0040-10D

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