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Ultrasonic Cleaning Lines Xtra line 2 - plug‘n‘clean

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Advantages of xtra line 2 - plug‘n‘clean cleaning lines:

  • Short delivery times
  • Favourable price
  • xtra 2 technology and components


plug‘n‘clean 2-chamber cleaning line for cleaning and rinsing



  • Compact system design for an easy integration into existing production processes and with easy-to-clean surfaces
  • Oscillation function for optimised cleaning results

  • Clear, splashproof control panel

  • Sweep function for optimal cleaning results




plug‘n‘clean 3-chamber cleaning line with drying device

  • Degas function for quick degassing, esp. of a fresh cleaning bath
  • Multi-frequency technology with 25/45 kHz and power control

  • Display of all operating parameters

  • Time switch for individual adjustment of the heating start and switch-off of the devices


plug‘n‘clean 4-chamber cleaning line for stainless rinsing and drying



  • Individually activatable Pulse function for increased performance with difficult cleaning tasks

  • Easy retrofit of ancillaries at any time, such as filter pump units, oil separators, etc.

  • Individually adjustable temperature for cleaning and rinsing devices (< 80 °C) as well as for drying devices (< 120 °C)

  • Extremely service and maintenance friendly thanks to the compact system design with easily accessible and swiftly replaceable components

  • Equipped with floor tank as standard



The series of application-oriented, manual cleaning lines


The xtra line 2 - plug‘n‘clean concept consists of manual cleaning lines with 2-, 3- or 4-chambers in different tank sizes. With these serially manufactured and highly application-oriented cleaning lines various cleaning processes can be realised and different cleaning tasks accomplished.
xtra line 2 - plug‘n‘clean cleaning lines are ready for pre-cleaning, intermediate and final cleaning processes as:

  • before surface treatments as varnishing, galvanizing, polishing
  • during and after the manufacturing process e.g. gluing, soldering, milling or drilling
  • or directly before assembling and packaging.



xtra line 2 is at home in the following industries: 


  • Production of medical technology and precision optics,
  • In the aerospace industry,



  • Manufacture of watches and jewellery,
  • Electronics and metal working industry, and many more.





Application examples 

Intermediate cleaning of metal parts during production before polishing.



Fine cleaning of component parts before coating, assembly or packaging.




Accessories. Ancillaries


plug‘n‘clean cleaning lines are equipped with multi-frequency and the three well-proven functions - Sweep, Degas and Pulse. From a 3-chamber system, the cleaning process is supplemented by a warm-air dryer. Ancillaries, e.g. an oil separator, can be retrofited easily at any time.
Matching accessories like baskets and covers complement the plug‘n‘clean program:



Stainless-steel basket


Specially shaped stainless-steel covers



  • Demineralisation systems for the production of pure water for rinsing processes and thus for stain-free drying of cleaned parts


  • Filter pump unit for filtering the removed dirt particles, and thus for extending the service life of the ultrasonic cleaning bath as well as for an easier disposal


  • Oil separator for the use of demulsifying cleaners as well as for removing floating oil and grease


Elma Clean cleaning chemicals


Optimal cleaning processes include the right cleaning chemicals for the required tasks and demands. Based on the many years of experience, our industry know-how and detailed knowledge of production procedures, we are able to develop and produce tailor-made chemicals for industrial precision cleaning.


The use of ultrasound ensures that the cleaning products can be used sparingly, making Elma Clean cleaning solutions highly efficient and economical. All our cleaning concentrates are biodegradable, and proper disposal is easy. All Elma cleaning products have been registered with the German Federal Environment Agency.


Elma Clean 260 d&s
Neutral cleaner

Elma Clean 310
Mildly alkaline cleaner

Elma Clean 110
Mildly alkaline cleaner

Elma KS
Corrosion protection



Elma process laboratory


Perfect cleaning results are the measure of all things. In order to achieve these, the focus lies on designing the right sequence of individual process steps.

This is where the Elma service concept comes in. Together with our customers, we develop a tailor-made cleaning process in the Elma process laboratory. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, our laboratory carries out cleaning tests for customers on a daily basis and checks these results against the required cleanliness level.

Take advantage of our many years of experience and knowledge, and let us design your process solution!



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