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Dụng cụ lấy mẫu eSwab

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Sample collection for your veterinary lab

eSwab enables simple and rapid sample collection in your veterinary laboratory. With its worldwide patented nylon fiber, it allows strong hydraulic uptake of the sample.

Easy-to-use swab with guaranteed efficiency for veterinary diagnostic

The worldwide patented swab manufactured by Copan makes your veterinary sample collection operations a lot easier

3 simple steps:

  • Collect your sample
    • Nylon fibre of the swab facilitates sample collection
    • Strong hydraulic uptake of the sample
  • Snap the applicator
    • Applicator shaft must be broken off at the breakpoint indication line and placed into the eSwab tube of medium transport
  • Elute the sample
    • Rapid elution of the sample into liquid phase
    • Aerobes & anaerobes are maintained
    • Nucleic acids and antigens of bacteria, viruses and Chlamydia are preserved
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