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elma reinigungskonzentrat 1:9 becomes Elma RED 1:9

7889 views - 2021-07-05 16:41:05


The popular watch and jewelery cleaner "elma reinigungskonzentrat 1:9" got included in our Elma Luxury Clean cleaner series and slightly re-designed. The product name, the design of the labels and the colourant of the cleaner change.



The "elma reinigungskonzentrat 1:9" becomes "Elma RED 1:9" due to its red color. The design of the label will also be revised and gets integrated into the Elma Luxury Clean series.


The recipe of the Elma RED 1: 9 has also been slightly changed and optimized. The colourant which is used now has better heat and light stability and colours the product bright red. The proven cleaning performance remains unchanged. With its new product name and fresh design Elma RED 1:9 continues to deliver the best in cleaning quality.



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