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Certificates of Analysis and Test Reports

7097 views - 2021-06-17 16:15:33

A certificate of analysis (COA) is an authenticated document that confirms a batch or lot of solutions meets its specifications. It contains results obtained from testing as part of quality control of the manufacturer. A test report, also called inspection report, is similar to COA but it applies to meters. Each meter has a unique MFG no. and test report.

To download COAs and test reports from the LAQUA website, please follow the steps below:


1. Go to 


2. Click Certificate of Analysis under Support


3. Enter the solution lot no. or meter mfg no. in the box and click Search.



4. Click the download icon



5. Fill-up the form that appears and click Send a download link. An email containing a download link will be sent to you.



 6. Click the link on the email within 24 hrs to download the COA or test report.

 7. Click the download icon to save the document on your computer or printer icon to print.


Please note that COAs for solutions manufactured in Singapore from 2 January 2018 onwards and test reports for meters shipped from 1 April 2017 onwards are available on the LAQUA website.


If the COA or test report of your product is not available on our website, please send us an email at



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