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New 9371-10D Stainless Steel Conductivity Cell

560 views - 2021-10-18 09:32:46


Hot on the heels of our recently launched LAQUA 2000 series bench meters, we are excited to share more details on the new 9371-10D conductivity cell designed for low conductivity measurements including ultra-pure water applications with you.  

9371-10D conductivity cell


Currently, we have the 3551-10D submersible type conductivity cell that has a glass body, platinum/platinum black sensing elements, and cell constant (k) of 0.1 cm-1. This cell has been in the market for quite some time and has proven its capability to measure low range conductivity readings even in pure water.

We also have the 3561-10D flow type conductivity cell. This cell is essentially the same as 3551-10D but has a built-in flow-cell, which is very important for low conductivity and ultra-pure water measurements. 

With the 3551-10D design, some customers inadvertently caused the measuring plates to be misaligned in their quest for adequately clean cells during washing or adequate flow of sample into the cell during measurement. Once the plates are misaligned, there is no way to salvage the cell and restore its performance. Furthermore, the glass body is fairly fragile. Neither mishandling nor breakage qualifies for warranty claim. 



The new 9371-10D conductivity cell, which is a 2-cell with k = 0.1 cm-1, overcomes both issues by having a robust stainless steel body with the measuring plates fitted snugly within. In addition, it is able to measure 0.01 to 500 µS/cm and can withstand up to 100°C temperature. It has the same design as 300-2C-C 2-cell conductivity sensor cartridge, which was launched earlier for use with 300-C-2 / 5 conductivity sensor head and LAQUA 300 series handheld meters 


For measuring low conductivity samples, an optional glass flow cell can be attached to the 9371-10D. The flow cell is specially useful not only for continuous flow measurement but also for preventing sample's absorption of carbon dioxide from air that can affect the conductivity reading. This combination would then be equivalent to the 3561-10D flow type conductivity cell.  



We trust that the new 9371-10D stainless steel conductivity cell and the optional flow cell open up many more opportunities in the low conductivity market segment, including the ultra-pure water applications.



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