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Kemio - The next generation measurement platform

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What is Kemio?


Kemio is the next
generation measurement


A sophisticated electrochemical

technique which removes

complexity for the user.


Patented single-use
sensor technology.



Reduce user errors and
deliver quality results
than you can trust.





Kemio gives you reliable results in 60 seconds

No training required

Clear visual instructions for
the simple test method

Reduce uncertainty

Act on clear pass/fail results

based on your specification

Suitable for all
sample types

Not affected by coloured
or turbid samples



Kemio Disinfection

The simple test method minimizes potential user errors to ensure repeatable and reliable results


Scan the sensor



Insert the sensor



Fill the vessel with sample


Close the lid. The measurement

begins automatically


How does it work?


Kemio is powered by patented, singleuse sensors which generate an electrical current by reacting with chemicals in the water sample. Kemio measures this electrical signal to determine the concentration of chemical within the sample.



Why choose Kemio technology?


Repeatable, reliable results

Kemio reduces complexity and subjectivity for the
user, minimizing chances for error, and delivering
repeatable results for any operator

Multiparameter testing platform

Kemio can test for free chlorine, total chlorine,
chlorine dioxide, chlorite and peracetic acid (PAA).



Personalized to your testing needs

Give meaning to your test results with application
specific information, and set test limits to give clear
direction for the user.


Fully traceable results

Kemio’s integrated data log summarizes 10000
results to provide a traceable, auditable dataset. Go
paperless and meet your compliance requirements



Advantages over other methods




Clear pass/fail
No calculations

Digital data log,
ideal for audits.

No glassware.

not affected by
ambient light.

Not affected
by colour.

Not affected
by turbidity or
floating particles.





Benefits of
Kemio technology

• Build confidence and avoid
non-conformances with
reliable results every time

• Reduce labour costs
with fast, simple testing.
Suitable for all users with
no training required

• Save time and resource with
paperless records. Simplify
your audits by improving
your record keeping

• Reduce process time
and laboratory testing by
performing disinfection
validation at the point of use

• Protect your data with an
objective test method and
encrypted data transfer


Kitting Options


Instrument Case  

Kemio Disinfection


Test Type:

  • Chlorine
  • Chlorine dioxide
  • Chlorite
  • Peracetic Acid (PAA)


Benchtop kit

Instrument, check standards, USB cable, international
power adapter, quick start instructions in a recycleable
cardboard container for benchtop applications.
Part Code: KEMR10DIS





Soft case

Instrument, protective case, check standards, USB cable,
international power adapter, quick start instructions in
soft case for transporting Kemio and consumables.
Part Code: KEMS10DIS
*Sensors ordered separately for benchtop and soft case kit




Chlorite accessory kit

Instrument, check standards, USB cable, international
power adapter, quick start instructions, 200 chlorine
dioxide/chlorite sensors, 100 chlorine sensors, reagents,
degassing equipment and consumables required for
chlorite measurement, including vessel, filter and pump.
Part Code: KEMH10DIS







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