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Chlorine Dioxide use in Fresh produce Manufacturing

467 views - 2019-07-15 14:15:38



ChlordioXense™ Case Study

The use of chlorine dioxide as a disinfectant in fresh produce manufacturing is a growing trend due to its distinct advantages over chlorine with regards to discharge consents and avoiding harmful Disinfection By-Products (DBPs). More information can be found here.


A large manufacturer of fresh produce in the UK recently moved to chlorine dioxide on its wash line. In order to overcome operator objections to the standard DPD method, the producer trialled the ChlordioXense™.to monitor the primary dosing control mechanism.



The Problem

The DPD colorimetric method has been the industry standard for measuring chlorine dioxide residuals for many years. In a food manufacturing environment, the use of the glass cuvettes can be considered a product contamination risk. Operators can find the addition of reagents difficult and time consuming. The producer was looking for an alternative method.


The Solution

ChlordioXense™ is incorporates a disposable amperometric sensor into a portable instrument, enabling accurate chlorine dioxide measurement even in coloured or turbid samples.



The Results

The ChlordioXense™ was used to calibrate the on line amperometric dosing system and the results from both the on line and the ChlordioXense™ were compared over the course of several days. This test method was introduced both on the high care decontamination line and the low care pre wash lines.

Correlation between the on line probe and the ChlordioXense™ was good. A difference between the two measurement methods of 0.4mg/l was set as the trigger point to stop production. The ChlordioXense proved a simple and reliable method of ensuring chlorine dioxide disinfection.

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