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TM3000 TableTop Scanning Electron Microscope

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The TM3000 builds on the phenomenal global success of its predecessor, with over 1000 instruments installed. Now more advanced microscopy needs are addressed whilst maintaining incredible ease of use - pushing back the boundaries for the tabletop electron microscopy.
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The TM3000 builds on the phenomenal global success of its predecessor, with over 1000 instruments installed. Now more advanced microscopy needs are addressed whilst maintaining incredible ease of use - pushing back the boundaries for the tabletop electron microscopy.


Key Features


● Compact and portable (24% smaller footprint and 25% lighter)*.

● Simple operation with extensive auto functions.

● Wide magnification range of 15x to 30,000x — ensuring you get maximum benefit from the resolution and depth-of-field

    advantage of electron microscopy.

● Image insulating materials with ease - no need for specimen coating with the TM3000’s charge-up reduction mode.

● Multiple beam conditions and versatile detector control to ensure you get the perfect image.



Compact and portable, with incredibly simple operation


Tabletop installation

The space saving and lightweight design of TM3000 means it can be conveniently installed on a table”. No cooling water is needed, so installation is quick and easy and requires only a standard 100-240 V AC power supply.



Topographic imaging with a large depth of focus

Complex specimen structures are easily observed with a resolution and depth of focus far beyond what is achievable by optical microscopy.




Environmentally-friendly pumping system

The TM3000 features a dry (oil-free) vacuum system, consisting of a diaphragm pump for rough evacu- ation and a high performance turbo-molecular pump for main pumping.




Large specimen handling

The large specimen stage allows mounting of a specimen up to 70 mm diameter and 50 mm thick. X/Y specimen motion: +17.5 mm.


Buồng mẫu kích thước lớn


Fast specimen exchange

The high-performance vacuum system provides fast pump- down, but specimen exchange also requires chamber venting. It takes just 1 minute to vent the TM3000 specimen chamber, twice as fast as the TM-1000.



Trao đổi mẫu nhanh



Kinh hien vi TM3000



With a width of just 330mm, laptop-PC based operation and no special installation requirements the TM3000 can be installed almost anywhere. Comprehensive auto-functions ensure it can also be used by anyone.


Comprehensive auto-functions, with one-click “Start".

Imaging with the TM3000 couldn’t be simpler. Pressing the “Start" button automatically turns the beam on, adjusts focus, brightness and contrast and displays the image at an easy-to-view starting magnification of 100x.


Chức năng điều khiển tự động


Smooth magnification adjustment

Since magnification is increased simply by narrowing the scanned area, continuous magnification adjustment from x15 to x30,000 is achieved by simply dragging the mouse - making it quick and easy to find the area of interest.


Điều chỉnh độ phóng đại dễ dàng



Preset magnification

Frequently used magnifications can be saved in memory (preset). The magnification can be changed to a preset value with a click of the mouse.


Đặt trước độ phóng đại


Motorized stage version

With the optionaI* motorized specimen stage, all functions of the TM3000 can be operated using the mouse alone. Sample navigation can be performed through the user interface - either by double-clicking a desired destination on the image or by clicking the stage move arrows.


Phiên bản mẫu hệ thống




Versatility is assured — with a wide magnification range and multiple operating conditions.


The versatile TM3000 can be used  for almost  any type  of specimen.

Even non - conducting specimens  or sample  containing moisture can be imaged directly, throughout the whole  magnification range of x15  to x30.000, without any special sample preparation





Image non-conducting specimens with ease.


When an electrically non-conducting specimen is observed with a high-vacuum SEM, electrons accumulate on the specimen surface causing a charge-up phenomenon, which prevents normal imaging. Conventionally, to avoid this problem, the sample is usually vacuum coated with a thin layer of metal before observation. This process is not only time consuming, but the metal coating can interfere with imaging and EDX analysis. The TM3000 overcomes this problem with the “charge-up reduction mode"— using low-vacuum operation to eliminate the charge-up effect.


Low-vacuum microscopy


By utilizing a low vacuum level inside the specimen cham-ber, more gas molecules are present. These gas molecules M can collide with the electron beam to generate positive ion + and electrons e. Each positive ion + can be neutralized by one of the excess electrons - on the speci-men surface. In this way the excess electrons on the surface of the sample are removed and the charge-up effect is eliminated or reduced.


Charge-up reduction mode


The TM3000 can operate either in "standard mode” or "charge-up reduction mode" depending on the extent of the specimen charging.



With iamge artifact charge-up



Without iamge artifact charge-up


Compositional imaging


In addition to traditional topographic imaging, the TM3000 can produce compositional images, where the different brightness levels represent different composition in the sample. In this mode, higher brightness corresponds to higher atomic number.






Tools for measurement and annotation


- Distance measurement: Distance can be quickly and easily measured by dragging the mouse between two points of interest.

- Graphics/comment input: Simple graphics and comments can be added to the image.






Three independent observation condition modes


The TM3000 features three beam conditions to choose from depending on the information required in the image. The ‘5 kV’, ‘15 kV’ and ‘Analysis’ modes greatly simplify operating condition setup, and no adjustment is required when switching between modes.

• 5kV:          emphasizes surface detail

• 15kV:        can be used throughout the magnification range and gives the best resolution

• Analysis:  used for elemental analysis or low contrast specimens

 ba chế độ quan sát ảnh độc lập



Accelerating voltages


By providing different accelerating voltages in ‘5 kV’

and ‘15 kV’ modes, and using the high sensitivity backscattered electron detector, different types of imaging are possible with the TM3000. An accelerat- ing voltage of 15 kV is used for most imaging applica- tions and offers the best resolution. At 5 kV, the electron beam does not penetrate so far into the sample, so the images show more surface detail.



Difference in image appearance using different observation condition mode:



Directional imaging using the 4-segment detector


The TM3000 features a backscattered electron detector  with 4 independent segments. By adding or subtracting  the signals  from the segments in defferent combinations it is  possible to emphasize compositional or topographic detail in the image, as well as produce  'shadowed" image which highlight the sample from a particular direction..




Application Gallery


Food and Medicine


(15kV, charge-up reduction mode)

Specimen: Perilla(Japanese Basil) leaf



(15kV, charge-up reduction mode)

Specimen: Cross section of Chinese yam



(15kV, charge-up reduction mode)   

Specimen: Egg shell membrane



(15kV, charge-up reduction mode)

Specimen: Yeast containing zinc



(15kV, charge-up reduction mode)

Specimen: Pelet surface



(15kV, charge-up reduction mode)

Specimen: Headache remedy  tablet




Processed materials


(15kV, charge-up reduction mode)

Specimen: Powder spray



(15kV, charge-up reduction mode)

Specimen: Toner(Pt  coated)



(15kV, charge-up reduction mode)

Specimen: Coated paper



(15kV, charge-up reduction mode)

Specimen: Alumina particle



(15kV, charge-up reduction mode) 

Specimen: Fluorescent material



(15kV, charge-up reduction mode) 

Specimen: Sunscreen lotion




Electronic and  metallic  material


(15kV, charge-up reduction mode) 

Specimen: PC Board



(15kV, charge-up reduction mode) 

Specimen: Cross section of electronic circuit board



(15kV, charge-up reduction mode) 

Specimen: Au bonding wire



(Analy, standard mode) 

Specimen: Metallographic structure



(Analy, charge-up reduction mode) 

Specimen: Varistor



(15kV, charge-up reduction mode) 

Specimen: AITIC circuit Board






(15kV, charge-up reduction mode) 

 Specimen: Nilon stocking



(15kV, charge-up reduction mode) 

Specimen: Photocatalyst fiber



(15kV, charge-up reduction mode) 

Specimen: Asbsost




Biological specimen


(15kV, charge-up reduction mode) 

Specimen: Lily pollen



(15kV, charge-up reduction mode) 

Specimen: Mould spore



(15kV, charge-up reduction mode) 

Specimen: Shark skin



(15kV, charge-up reduction mode)  

Specimen: Radiolarian fossil (Middle Jurassic radiolarian)



(15kV, charge-up reduction mode)

Specimen: Planktonic foraminifer



(15kV, charge-up reduction mode)   

Specimen: Butter wing




Chụp mẫu sinh học sau khi nhuộm mầu


(Analy, charge-up reduction mode) 

Specimen: Togue of rat (deparaffinated section)



(15kV, charge-up reduction mode)   

Specimen: Renal blomerulus of rat



(15kV, charge-up reduction mode)   

 Specimen: Fermented soybean bacteria




Magnification 15 to 30,000a (digital zoom: 2x, 4x)
Observation condition 5kV / 15kV/Analysis

Observation mode

Standard mode

Charge-up reduction mode

Image mode

COMPO/Shadow 1/Shadow 2/TOPO
Sample stage traverse X: z17.5mm, Y: z17.5mm
Maximum sample size

70mm in diameter

Maximum sample height 50mm
Electron gun

Pre-centered cartridge filament

Signal detection system

High-Sensitivity semiconductor

BSE detector

Auto image adjustment  function

Auto start, Auto focus, Auto brightness/contrast

Operation help functions

Raster rotation, Magnification preset (two steps)Image shift (z50pm D*=4.5)

Frame memory 640 x 480 pixels, 1,280 x 960 pixels
Image data memory HDD of PC and other removal media
Image format BMP, TIFF, JPEG

Data display

Micron marker, micron value, date and time,image number and comments, Image mode,

Observation condition, D* (Distance), Observation mode

Evacuation system (vacuum pump) Turbomolecular pump: 304/s x 1 unit, Diaphragm pump: 1m"/h x 1 unit
Safety device Over-current protection function, built-in ELCB


°k D (Distance) is defined as the distance between lower surface of a high-sensitive semiconductor BSE detectorand sample surtace.



Required PC specifications


Items Description
OS Windows* 7
CPU Intels Core'" 2 Duo P8700 or compatible CPU
Memory size 2GB or larger
Display monitor 15.4 type, WXGA 1,280 x 800 pixels
Interface connector USB 2.0



+ An associated PC to be procured locally.

*  Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corgoration in the United States and/or other countries.

+ Intel is a registered trademark of Intel Corp. or its affiliated companies in tne Uniied States and/or other countries



Installation condition




Room temperature 15 to 30”C (At=+2.5'C/ h or less)

70%RH or less

Power source (TM3000)

Single-phase AC100 to 240V (Minimum: 90 [V], Maximum: 250 [V])


100 ohm or less


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