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Tabletop Microscopes Hitachi TM4000 II / TM4000Plus II

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This new generation of the long-standing Hitachi tabletop microscopes (TM) integrates ease of use, optimized imaging, and high-image quality, while maintaining the compact design of the well-established Hitachi TM Series products. Experience the new dimension of tabletop microscopes with the Hitachi TM4000 II and TM4000Plus II.
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  • Delivery time: 8h00 - 18h00 daily
  • Genuine product, provided width CO, CQ
  • 03 months of free warranty for consumable and accessories
  • 12 months of free warranty for main equipment
  • Accessorie's price is applied only when purchased with
    main equipment
  • Contact us for any particular accessory's quotion
Email: Every day in week
  • Easy and intuitive operation: A quality image can be obtained with simple steps.
  • No sample preparation: Non-conductive sample observation under low vacuum status.
  • High-sensitivity BSE detector: Various imaging appliactions using 4-segment BSE detector.
  • Low vacuum SE detector: Low vacuum SE detector providing surace detail and topography.
  • Image mixing (BSE+SE): Simultaneous imaging of various information.
  • New features: 
    • 20 kV accelerating voltage for improving both imaging and analytical capabilities.
    • Multi Zigzag for large area or multiple areas.


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