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Ultra-high Resolution Scanning Electron Microscope SU9000

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Bringing the advances of SEM to the forefront

Technological advances in the Semiconductor Industry are occurring at a rapid pace and pushing design and manufacturing tolerances to the nano-scale. These advances require direct observation of the surface structures of the materials at this size scale. Hitachi has a proven track record for providing cutting edge instrumentation that are reliable and that meet the strict imaging requirements of the Semiconductor Industry.

Hitachi has now introduced a new line of instruments with improved CFE gun technologies that further reduce the already low aberration artifacts of existing Hitachi CFE technology. The new CFE Gun technology featured in the SU9000 achieves the highest SEM resolution in the world. (0.4nm at 30kV) The reduced aberration effects make high resolution, low accelerating voltage observations possible for beam sensitive materials without the need for deceleration technology. (1.2nm at 1kV )

The SU9000 also features STEM (option) performance that guarantees 0.34nm resolution as confi rmed through the imaging of graphite lattice ( (002) d=0.34nm) Hitachi is bringing superior fundamental performance such as stable operation, high throughput, and high resolution to the forefront of technology.

*1:The world highest resolution featured in the SU9000:
*2:30kV acceleration voltage condition, has been implemented as of April, 2011
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● Superior low-kV performance for observation of beam sensitive materials.

● Next generation Hitachi In-lens SEM optics allows for routine observation at 1 million times.

● Newly designed CFE GUN provides high brightness and extremely stable emission current.

● Improved vacuum technology that allows for ultra-high vacuum levels for reduced sample contamination.

● Highly engineered instrument enclosure featuring both superior strength and stability to allow for high resolution imaging in a broad range of environmental conditions.

● Newly designed objective lens provides for high resolution imaging at low acceleration voltage.

● Side entry sample exchange system increases throughput by reducing the time required to change samples and by automatically positioning the sample at the correct WD.




SE image resolution

0.4 nm (30 kV, Sample Height=1.0 mm, 800 kx)
1.2 nm (1 kV, Sample Height=2.0 mm, 250 kx)

STEM image resolution

0.34 nm (30 kV, Sample Height=0.0 mm, Lattice image)



Mag on Photo*1

Mag on Display*2

LM Mode

80 - 10,000x

220 - 25,000x

HM Mode

800 - 3,000,000x

2,200 - 8,000,000x

Electron optics

Electron gun

Cold cathode field emission source

Accelerating voltage

0.5 - 30 kV (0.1kV step)

Lens system

3-stage electromagnetic lens reduction

Objective lens aperture

Movable aperture (heating type. 4 openings selectable from outside of vacuum with fine adjustment)

Electrical image sift

±5 µm (Sample Height = 0.0 mm)

Beam blanking

Electrostatic type (synchronized with scanning signal)

Specimen stage


Side entry goniometer stage

Stage traverse

X: ±4.0 mm, Y: ±2.0 mm, Z: ±0.3 mm, T: ±40°

Standard holder

Bulk: 5.0 mm × 9.5 mm × 3.5 mmH

Cross-section: 2.0 mm × 6.0 mm × 5.0 mmH

Dedicated holder

Cross-section specimen holder: 2.0 mm × 12.0 mm × 6.0 mmH

Double tilt cross-section specimen holder(L) : 0.8 mm × 8.5 mm × 3.5 mmH



Secondary electron detector

Top detector (option)

BF/DF Duo-STEM detector (option)

Energy dispersive X-ray detector (option)

Image display


24.1 type wide screen LCD (subject to change without notice)

Full screen display

1,280 × 960 pixels

Single (Dual display)

800 × 600 pixels (800 × 600 pixcels × 2)

Quad screen display

640 × 480 pixels × 4

Display system



Operation system

Mouse, Keyboard, Rotary Knob, Stage controller (Trackball and Joystick combined)

Image data saving

640 × 480 pixels, 1,280 × 960 pixels, 2,560 × 1,920 pixels, 5,120 × 3,840 pixels

Saved image data management

SEM data manager (image database / image processing function) included

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