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Hitachi Spherical Aberration Corrected STEM/SEM HD-2700

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Cs-corrected high-resolution imaging & high-sensitivity analysis with unmatched throughput

In the fields ranging from R&D to quality control of advanced nano materials and semiconductor devices, there have been increased demands in recent years for improving spatial resolution and analytical performance for electron microscopes. Aberration correction provides a prominent solution to these demands. Hitachi High-Technologies had previously commercialized electron microscopes equipped with spherical aberration correction capability, since then continued efforts toward pursuing the concept of providing both high throughput and high performance benefited from aberration correction. The HD-2700 STEM with the newly developed Hitachi spherical aberration corrector realized this concept successfully.
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High resolution STEM imaging


HAADF-STEM image 0.136 nm, FFT image 0.105 nm (HR lens*)

BF STEM image 0.204 nm (w/o Cs-corrector)


High-speed & high-sensitivity EDX analysis: Probe current × 10 times


Elemental mapping in more rapid timely manner Low-concentration element detection


Hitachi in-house Cs-corrector


Equipped with a probe-forming spherical aberration corrector developed by Hitachi,

the automatic aberration correction process takes short time and does not need pre-experience for aberration correction.


Seamless solution from sample preparation to observation & analysis.


Holder compatibility with Hitachi FIB




w/o Cs-corrector

w/ Cs-corrector

Image resolution

0.204 nm guaranteed (at a magnification of

0.136 nm guaranteed (HAADF-STEM image)
0.105 nm guaranteed (FFT)(at a magnification of
×7,000,000)(HR lens)


×100 - ×10,000,000

Accelerating voltage

200 kV, 120 kV *, 80 kV*

Imaging signal

Bright field STEM: Phase contrast image (TE image)
Dark field STEM: Z-contrast image (ZC image)
Secondary electron image (SE image)
Electron diffraction
Characteristic X-ray analysis and mapping(EDX)
EELS analysis and mapping(EV3000)

Electron optics       

Electron source

Schottky emitter (w/o Cs-corrector)

Cold field emitter (w/Cs-Correcter,w/o Cs-corrector)

Illumination lens system

2-stage condenser lens


Mullipole transfer lens design

Scanning coil

2-stage electromagnetic coil

ZC collection angle control

Projector lens design

Electromagnetic image shift

±1 µm

Specimen stage  

Specimen movement

X/Y = ±1 mm, Z= ±0.4 mm

Specimen tilt

Single-tilt holder: ±30° (Std. lens), ±18° (HR lens)




Cs-corrected SEM imaging



The Hitachi HD-series dedicated STEM is equipped with a secondary electron (SE) detector as standard configuration; this enables imaging the

specimen surface directly in addition to obtaining interior structural information of specimen via the transmitted electron beam. SE imaging offers

fine dimension measurements of thicker samples not compatible with STEM. Spherical aberration correction pushes the SEM resolution to an

unprecedented, true atomic level.







Large solid angle EDS detector



100 mm2 large solid angle SDD realizes several times of EDS analytical sensitivity than previously, and also higher throughput of elemental

analysis in a shorter data acquisition time.



Semiconductor MOS transister EDS mapping Instrument: HD-2700B(non Cs-corrected), Acquisition time:10sec./frame, Playback speed:5×

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