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LAQUA WQ-300 Series - Series Smart Handheld Water Quality Meters

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Large Colour Graphic LCD Screen with Backlight



Built-in Foldable Meter Stand


All models have colour graphic digital LCD screen (70 x 52 mm) with white LED backlight for easy viewing.


Collapsible meter stand is built-in at the back of the meter for convenient usage and storage.


Battery and USB Powered



Four AA batteries or battery pack with micro USB cable can be used to power the meter in the field. USB charger plugged to a power outlet can be used for an uninterrupted operation in the lab.


IP67 Waterproof and Dustproof



Eco-friendly, Shock-proof, Scratch Resistant, and Non-slip


Fully protected from dust and capable of withstanding water immersion up to 1 meter depth for 30 mins.


Apart from their high impact strength, the polycarbonate and TPE materials are also long-lasting and recyclable. The TPE provides non-slip grip and is not easily damaged by abrasion.


Built-in Sensor Holders


Three grooves on the meter housing serve as sensor holders.


Efficient Sensor Locking Mechanism



No Sensor Adapter Needed


The push-pull connectors deliver a simple yet fast and strong method to connect and disconnect sensors. The lock is released only when the outer sleeve of the connector is pulled back so accidental disconnection is prevented.


Each sensor head has two grooves and one hook which can be used to attach up to three sensor heads.



Compatible with Conventional Electrodes having BNC and Phono Connectors and Long Cables



Sensor’s LED Light as Reading Stability Indicator

With 300-BNC sensor head adapter, conventional electrodes with BNC and phono connectors can be connected to the meter. Also, electrodes with up to 10m cable can be used without noise problem.

        Đèn LED màu xanh trên đầu điện cực nhấp nháy cho đến khi kết quả được ổn định.
 Hands-free Testing


        Ergonomic Design

Hang the meter using a wrist strap or lanyard, place it into the carrying case, or mount it to a wall while in use.

        The black meter housing is made of polycarbonate material covered with a layer of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) material. It is lightweight, comfortable to touch, and suitable for field applications.

Multi-Language Options



Simultaneous Calibrations and Measurements


Available in several languages: English, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese.


Applicable for dual- and triplechannel models.


Versatile Channels & Adaptive Display


Single-, dual-, and triple-channel models are available. Sensors can be connected to any channel in dual- and triple-channel models and the meter screen automatically adjusts.


Automatic Sensor Recognition 



Data Transfer via USB or Wireless Communication


Sensor info, calibration data, and measurement setup stored in sensor head are viewable in the meter when sensor is connected.


Meter stores up to 10,000 data with date/time stamp. Transfer data from meter to computer seamlessly via USB cable or wirelessly via Wi-Fi. Each meter comes with a wireless SD card.


Printer Communication



Print data using a printer via 25-pin D-sub printer cable.


Sensor Status Indicator 


Temperature Sensor Indicator



Calibration Data 


Chế độ đo



Customizable Meter Kit

Create a custom meter kit by selecting the meter, sensor, and accessories.


55 lựa chọn kết hợp máy đo + điện cực





 Smart Digital Sensor










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