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Melt flow indexer TATEYAMA KAGAKU L220

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Make use of the product with a sense of security as it is a test instrument of a sensor manufacturer.
Exremely reliable with an excellent track record in this field:
- Remperrature indication resolution 0.01 degrees C
- Temperature variation Within ±0.2 degrees C
The comparison of a conventional model on the size:
- Achieved a downsizing of around 20%
The comparison of a conventional meodel on the peak power consumption:
- Achieced 25% cut back
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●  Higher reliability of temperature distribution


Featuring the electric furnace temperature variation is within 0.2°C, and the electric furnace  temperature distribution is

within ± 0.4°C. L220 has achieved higher reliability of temperature distribution, as well as superior ability in stability

and repeatability.


● Longstanding  past track

As a sensor manufacturer, we, Tateyama Kagaku Ind. Co., Ltd. have made a sell of scores of Melt Indexer, L220 is designed

to meet your need.


The range for uses

-  To evaluate structural components and to conduct acceptance testing in the making of plastic
-  To evaluate structural components on synthetic resins and coloring agents
-  To conduct research and development of the design and development of package materials, containers, and functional films
   To evaluate structural components of recycled products and to gain higher credibility on clients
-  To evaluate structural components and to conduct quality control in the making of toner cartridge etc. .


JIS K7210 ISO 1133 ASTM D1238

Test temperature range

Standard SPEC                  80 ~ 300°C

High-temperature range   80 ~ 450°C

Temperature indication resolution 0.01 degrees C
Temperature sensor 


Temperature setting points


Safetymeasures Over-temperature thermostat  Ground-fault circuit interrupter, Safety against over-turning

Outside dimension

W320 x D400(510) x H600(825) mm

represents in case presence of B type computing unit

Power supply

AC 100V  50/60Hz

Device ambient conditions

20 ±:10°C  45 ~ 85% RH
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