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Melt flow indexer (standard type) TATEYAMA KAGAKU L260

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This is a extruding type plastimeter which is made for testing the flo of thermal plastic resin. It is made to meet JIS K7210, ASTM 01238 and ISO 1133.
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●  Compact, light  weight and desk top.

●  The center of the equipment (Fiston, Cylinder, Die etc.) is unit-defacement and longterm stable.

●  The piston holder, attachable tool holder and the stop watch holder are better for operation.

●  Optionable various weight load is available for all of measurements.

●  The  excessive  temparature prevent, electric leakage breakar, fall down prevent etc. are safety devices.



Method A (Manual cutting method)


The resin which flows out of die within the specified time is cut off and the weight of cut portion is measured, and then the melt flow rate (MFR)
-the amount flowed out in 10 minutes - is calculated. MFR is calculated by the following equation as the Mass (g) of the sample extruded in 10 min.


AFR (T * M * A) = (600 * m)  / t   


T:  Measuring temperature (℃)
M: Test load (kg f)
A: Operation of Method A
m: Mean value of Mass of extruded sample
t: Time required to take sample
600: 10 minutes counted in seconds


Method B (Automatic time measuring method)


The time required by the piston to move down the specified length is automatically measured, and then the value of MFR is calculated by using
the time thus obtained. For the Method B, the MFR Automatic Operator (option) used. MFR is obtained by the following equation


MFR = ((427 x L x d) / t)    g/10min



L: Actually measured travel length  cm3
d: Resin density                                  g/cm
t: Travel tim                                           sec


Standard conformed to

JIS IK7210,  ASTM  D1238, ISO 1133

Test temperature range

80 ~ 320 °C

80 ~ 400 °C

Temperature indication Resolution 0.1 °C
Main pans

Cylinder Sample hole dia meter Φ 9.550 ± 0.007mm

Die (Orifice) Length 8.000 ± 0.0127mm

Inner diameter Φ2.095 ± 0.002mm

Piston Rand outer diameter Φ 9.478 ± 0.002mm

Piston / Head outer diameter Φ9.478±0.002mm
Outside dimensions W320×D400×H580
Weight Main unit about 30kg

Power AC 220V Singla phese 50 60Hz

Power consumption 450VA


Die, Piston, Load (325g, 2160g) each 1



List of Model L260 Series





Standard type     Method A(JIS/ASTM)


Standard type     Method B(ASTM)


Standard type     Method B(JIS)


High temperature type  

Method A(JIS/ASTM)


High temperature type

Method B(ASTM)


High temperature type     


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