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Thermo plus EVO2

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Thermodilatometry (TDL) is a thermal analysis technique in which a constant load is applied to a sample, and the amount of expansion and/or shrinkage of the sample is measured during heating.

TDL8411 adopts Rigaku's established reputation on differential expansion principle where the thermal expansion or shrinkage generated from the detection mechanism itself can be cancelled. It offers high accuracy and excellent reproducibility in expansion and shrinkage measurements, even with low expansion materials and samples with low-thickness.
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Measurement method Compression loading method
Type Standard High temperature model
Detection system Differential expansion method
Standard sample size 5 mm diameter (max 9 mm diameter)
Length: 10 - 20 mm
Material of support pipe and detection rod SiO2 Al2O3
Maximum load 1000 mN
Measurement temperature range Ambient to 1100°C Ambient to 1500°C
Maximum heating rate 100°C/min
Measurement range (FS) 5000 µm
Measurement atmosphere Air, inert gas or gas flow
Auto sample changer 30 samples





1. Measurement data protection function
    During measurement, when a connection error occurs between the station and the module, the module will continue to perform

    the on-going measurement and the data will be stored in the module. The stored data is retrieved using a PC after the measurement,

    protecting valuable measurement data.


2. End operation settings function
    The ECO mode or power OFF can be selected after the end of measurement. The temperature and time condition can be specified.
    We can select a variety of operation condition of the attached forced air-cooling fan such as cool up to room temperature, not in use

    on continuous usage.


3. ECO mode
     After completing measurement, the ECO mode can be selected in the stand-by condition reducing the electricity consumption.

    Especially in TG-DTA, the ECO mode facilitates immediate transition from stand-by to stable measurement conditions.


4. First aid function
     When an error or problem occurs in the module, the error number, error description as well as troubleshooting measures will be displayed

     facilitating a quick and smooth recovery condition. Also the error contents are stored in log files and can be readily sent to the technical service

     department for an immediate appropriate response.


5. ASCII data import function
    Using the conversion software, the Thermo plus EVO2 analysis software can analyze carious ASCII converted measurement data.


6. E-mail function
    The Thermo plus EVO2 can transmit information by email such as end of measurement, measurement data, occurrence of an error to PC,

     mobile phones thru corporate LAN connection abs can confirm the condition of an on-going measurement at remote locations.


7. Excel, Word output
     From the menu directly, the measurement file can be directly exported in Word or Excel. Also, the output style can be modified thru the layout

     editing function. When exporting data in Excel, the numerical data will be automatically created in the worksheet 2 allowing a convenient data

     analysis in other application software.


8. Instrument usage history listing function
    This function automatically records the module’s usage. Information such as date of usage, module name, operator, temperature program and

    measurement results are filed and saved in the achieve list. The history use of the module and the time of use are clear and effective for

    management and maintenance.

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