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Máy xử lý mẫu EasyPREP

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EasyPREP Sample Handler offers several laboratory applications. It handles volumes from 20 µL to liters, accommodating a variety of rack/tube configurations. The user-friendly software offers intuitive method development configurations. The user may build the sequence to dilute, aliquot and transfer samples to a designated rack position.
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  • Perform sample dilutions.
  • Increase sample preparation accuracy and traceability.
  • Build standard calibration curves with predefined dilution factors.
  • Add one or more acids/reagents to analytes.
  • Add precise volumes of internal standards to each analyte.
  • Reproducible multistep sample preparations.
  • Automated pipetting.




Autosampler Tubes:


Code Product name Unit
010-500-263 DigiTUBEs 50ml Non RackLock w/caps (750) ea
010-510-050 Autosampler Rack, 12 pos, 50ml tubes ea
010-510-051 Autosampler Rack, 24 pos ea
010-515-263 DigiTUBEs 15ml NRLock w/caps (1620) ea
010-515-363 DigiTUBEs 15ml NRLock w/caps (540) ea
010-515-607 DigiTUBE A/S Tubes 17x100mm (pk/1000) ea
040-060-360 Polystyrene Vial, 75 x 33 (100) ea
080-070-102 Sample Cup,1.5ml, (M) ea
080-070-103 Sample Cup,3.5ml,con.bottom(M) ea
130-010-015 Cent.Tubes, 15ml w/o cap (1000) ea
130-010-050 Cent. Tubes, 50ml w/ Caps (500) (20x25) ea
130-010-051 Centrifuge Tubes, 50ml w/Caps (pk/500) ea
130-010-053 Cent. Tubes 15ml w/sep. Cap (pk/500) ea
130-010-055 Cent. Tubes, 15ml Pre-Capped (pk/500) ea
130-010-115 Plug Stoppers,15ml tubes (1000) standard ea
130-010-117 Plug Stoppers,15ml tubes (1000) small ea
130-010-120 Test Tube, Poly., 16x100mm (cs/1000) ea
130-010-121 Test Tube, PP, w/cap, 16x100mm (cs/1000) ea
130-012-001 Autosampler Tubes, PP, 13x100mm (1000) ea
130-012-003 Test Tubes, PP, 45ml (12) ea
130-012-004 Test Tubes, PP, 90ml (12) ea
130-012-006 Autosampler Tubes, PP, 16 x 100mm (2000) ea
130-012-008 Tube, Poly, 50ml, Self Standing (pk/500) ea
130-012-009 Test Tube, 16 x 125 mm (19 ml) (pk/1000) ea
130-012-010 Tube Rack, 35mm, 8 Place ea
130-012-017 Plug Stopper, 17mm (1000) ea
130-012-018 Plug Cap, Flanged, Natural, 16mm (1000) ea
130-012-027 Cap, Natural, for 130-012-001 (pk/1000) ea



Probes and Syringes:

Code Product name Unit
010-400-018 Dispensing Pump for 1ml, 5ml, 10ml, 25ml ea
010-400-020 Sample Handler Disp Tubing, 8ml ea
010-400-024 Sample probe, PEEK ea





Code Product name Unit
010-500-021 Rack, 24 Pos. for DigiTUBE, MS/LS (50ml) ea
010-500-025 Rack for Hotblock 50ml Tubes, 18 Pos. ea
010-505-021 Rack, 24 Position for DigiPREP Jr (50ml) ea
010-510-021 Rack for DigiPREP Mini 50 ml, 9 position ea
010-510-023 Rack for DigiPREP Mini 15ml, 25 position ea
010-510-050 Autosampler Rack, 12 pos, 50ml tubes ea
010-510-051 Autosampler Rack, 24 pos ea
010-515-023 Rack, Jr, RackLock, 40 Position (15ml) ea
010-515-027 Rack, MS, RackLock, 54 Position (15ml) ea










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