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Frequently Asked Questions For Soil Testing

3326 views - 2017-10-10 11:01:39

Can I use water testing reagents for soil testing?

The methods used for colorimetric and photometric involve an extraction process, creating a highly ionic solution. This in turn requires a slightly different formulation of colorimetric/photometric reagent than that used in water-based samples to provide effective colour development.

In summary, to measure soil parameters correctly requires the use of the soil reagents developed specifically for that purpose. We manufacture a range of soil test kits, with each specification offering a configuration designed for a different application, from simple measurement of key nutrients through to complete portable soil analysis laboratories.

We provide all the necessary parts and consumables within each kit, making it easy to select the kit you need to begin testing straight away. View each kit page on this website to see which reagents are included in each kit, and we also list the part codes of each component to aid procurement of additional and/or replacement consumables.



Do Palintest soil tests compare to the DEFRA/ADAS standard methodologies?

Palintest Soil Test Kits are designed to allow field testing of soil samples which should be comparable to standard laboratory methods.

All Palintest soil extraction methods are based on the method recommended in the UK by MAFF/ADAS ‘The Analysis of Agricultural Materials’ Reference book 427 where possible.


Test Species Palintest Extractant MAFF/ADAS Extractions
Nitrate N 1M Ammonium Chloride 2M Potassium Chloride
Phosphate P 0.5M Sodium Bicarbonate 0.5M Sodium Bicarbonate
Potassium K 0.1M Magnesium Acetate 1M Ammonium Nitrate
Calcium Ca 1M Potassium Chloride 1M Ammonium Nitrate
Magnesium Mg 1M Potassium Chloride 1M Ammonium Nitrate
Aluminium Al 1M Potassium Chloride No method
Ammonia N 1M Potassium Chloride 2M Potassium Chloride
Chloride Cl Water Saturated Calcium Sulphate Solution
Copper Cu 0.05M Disodium EDTA 0.05M Ammonium EDTA
Iron FE 1M Potassium Chloride No method
Manganese Mn 1M Ammonium Chloride 1M Ammonium Acetate
Conductivity mS/cm Water Saturated Calcium Sulphate Solution
Sulphate S Water Water
pH pH No extraction required No extraction required

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