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Safety Concerns with Contact Tachometer

3905 views - 2019-08-15 10:16:20
A global manufacturer of plastic packaging and protective solutions recently approached Nidec-Shimpo with a concern over the safety of their employees who were performing routine quality assurance checks on their critical printing rewinders and thermal transfer rollers. 

When a maintenance technician attempted to take a speed measurement on the machinery with their existing small size tachometer and diameter contact wheel, their hands were in close proximity to dangerous moving parts and extremely high temperature conditions. Additionally, these fragile tachometers would easily break upon the technicians dropping them as a result of their fears of being too close to the hot, fast-moving parts.

Nidec-Shimpo presented the DT-207LR-S12 Digital Tachometer with included 12-inch circumference wheel and robust aluminum housing. With the additional size of the 12-inch wheel they could more than triple their hand's distance from the machinery and greatly lessen the chance of injury. Plus, due to the larger size body of the Shimpo tachometer than the previous mini-tachometer used, their hands were more readily able to properly grip the tachometers, eliminating potential equipment damage.


"The Shimpo DT-207LR with the 12 wheel allows my personnel to do speed measurements while keeping their hands at a safer working distance. Many of our surfaces are heated rolls. After discovering this option, it is the only configuration of this tachometer we will use. Thank you to Shimpo for a great idea."

As a result of this recommendation, workplace related accidents have decreased and the runtime of the machinery has also improved significantly due to the proper speed testing being performed.  




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