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Application Note - Digestion of Beef with Nano particles

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This study evaluated the effectiveness of the NovaWAVE for the digestion of beef spiked with TiO2.


Supplies and Reagents:

1) NovaWAVE SA Model*

2) Teflon® 75 ml with Quartz Sleeve Vessels*
3) Teflon® Caps and Safety Pressure Release Caps (pre-set release pressure to 435 psi)*
4) PlasmaPURE HNO3 (70%)
5) PlasmaPURE HF (48%)
6) ICP-OES, Spectroflame FMD-007, Spectro ®

* Manufactured by SCP SCIENCE


Sample Preparation Procedure:

The beef was weighed (0.2) on a 4 place analytical balance directly into the 75 ml Teflon vessels. After adding 4:1 HNO3:HF (5 ml total) of acid and 0.01 g of TiO2, the samples were digested in the NovaWAVE following the instrument’s heating profile noted below. After cooling, the samples were diluted to 200 ml with water in a volumetric flask. The solutions are clear with no particulates remaining.


NovaWAVE Heating Program:


Ramp time



(PSI – Limit)



Hold time


1 10 435 200 15






Spike TiO2


Beef + TiO2


Spike recovery


Ti 8.53 12000 12002 100



The sample had to made from 2 components as it is very difficult to mix TiOinto ground beef to ensure homogeneity. NovaWAVE work well to digest a sample of meat that has Nano particles in the sample.



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