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ESPRIT Compact Application (Q80) for Aluminum Alloy Sample

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           Aluminum Alloy (Al-Cu-Pb-Bi-Si-Fe)

           EDX Mapping & ROI Mapping




SEM Image + EDX Mapping

Voltage : 20kV

Mag : 800X

Detected Element : Cu, Fe, Pb, Bi



ROI Mapping (Bi)

Red : Higher concentration

Blue : Lower concentration

- Used to identify contamination, oxidize layer or

element distribution.



  Aluminum Alloy (Al-Cu-Pb-Bi-Si-Fe)

  EDX Spectrum Analysis



•   Each elements labelled with individual colour.

•   Able to identify Bi & Pb M-line & separate the overlapping peak even at 20kV.

•   Exclusive quantitative algorithm (PB-ZAF) provide the accurate quantification result even for rough sample surface.

•   Beside key elements (Cu, Al), system also can detect the trace element <1wt% (Pb,Bi,Si,Fe) for further distinguish different type of alloy.



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