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Benchtop X-Ray Diffractometer ARL EQUINOX 1000

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The Thermo Scientific™ ARL™ EQUINOX 1000 offers very fast measurements compared to other diffractometers due to our unique EQUINOX curved detector that can measure all diffraction peaks simultaneously across a wide angular range. It will take you just a few minutes on most samples to get a complete analysis regardless of your resolution requirements.
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The ARL EQUINOX 1000 is a rugged multi-purpose benchtop style instrument designed for QA/QC, academic and routine X-ray diffraction applications. The ARL EQUINOX 1000 is the perfect instrument when space becomes a priority. With its truly excellent performance it is the perfect match for laboratories that are looking for a simple and powerful benchtop X-ray diffractometer. Several sample holders are available on this instrument such as a 6 or 30 positions sample holder, powder transmission mode sample holders, small thin film sample attachment.



• Real time acquisition


 • Easy to use


•  No alignment needed

• Very reliable


• Superb resolution


• No maintenance




You want to perform transmission analysis? Choose either the Sample Spinner for reflection and transmission analysis on powder samples or the capillary sample holder for Transmission mode analysis depending on your needs.



You need to analyze several powder samples a day? Optimize your throughput with the 6 or 30 position sample changer.



You need to perform grazing incidence measurement on small samples? Try our Small Thin Layer analysis attachment.













Geology, Cement, Mining












X-ray source

Generator: 3500 W (60kV / 60mA - Option 30kV limitation)
Cu, Co - Standard sealed X-ray tube


Curved Position Sensitive X-ray Detector, CPS 180
Curvature radius: 180mm
Acquisition in real time over 110° 2Theta

Goniometric table No moving parts: acquisition in asymmetric mode
Sample holders

Fixed, with or without sample rotation
Reflection or transmission mode
Zero background sample cup
Sample changer: 6 or 30 positions
Thin layer attachment

Optic Monochromatic (Germanium, Graphite)
Computer Windows© 8, 7 Vista, XP

Real time diffractogram display
Multiple and automatic recording
Peak search
Deconvolution with several shapes
Phase indentification and quantification
Degree of crystallinity determination
Cell parameters, crystallite size, lattice strain
Crystal structure analysis
Rietveld analysis
Free open database for search match
Option: ICDD PDF2 or PDF4 databases

Power 30-32A / 208-230V / 50-60Hz
Weight ~160 kg
Cooling water Flow: ~3,5l/min T°C : ~18 / 25°C
Dimensions 996 mm H x 715 mm D x 750 mm W

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