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Optional Accessory for Tabletop Microscope TM3030/TM3000 3D-VIEW

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This software acquires three dimensional information on a sample by using BSE signal, displays bird's-eye view and three dimension display, and enables the height measurement of the sample.
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● Three-dimensional image can be rotated or zoomed in by mouse control.

● Three-dimensional image is available without tilting a sample or worrying about image shift since the 3D-VIEW utilizes

   the signal detected by Quad BSE detector which has 4 elements in 4 directions.

● Distance in height between 2 points and simple surface roughness can be measured from sectional profile.

● Three-dimensional image screen can be recorded in animation file (AVI format).


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What is the TM3030

Introduction to SEM


User Experience

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  Cooling System

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Import function

Automatic select and read function of four elements image data(Equipped with automatic SEM condition acquisition function)

Measurement performance

Depth accuracy ± 20%(Reference)
Measurement performance is different depending on calibration accuracy, the condition of the kind of the specimen, the observation mode, and the observation condition.
Detectable angle range: ±50 (Reference)
(Observation condition: Standard mode)
Unavailable in the combination of "Charge-up reduction mode" and "5 kV mode".

Measurement function

Section profile display
Calibration function (X/Y, Z and Flat)
Distance of X and Y, length and angle measurement between two points specified on the image
Surface area measurement
Distance of X and Y, length and angle measurement between two points specified on section profile
Surface roughness measurement on section profile
Depth direction zoom-in function in section profile display
Base line correction function (straight line and curved line)
Bird's-eye view display
Color contour line display

Three-dimensional display function

Rotation and zoom-in Animation record function of observation screen (AVI file)


Windows® 7 Professional

*: A steep topographical surface that exceed detectable angle might not be displayed accurately.
*: Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.
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