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Ion Milling System IM4000

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Hybrid Instrument With Cross-section milling and Flatmilling !

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● Hybrid model : Two milling configurations available

   Cross-section milling : smooth polishing of cross-section specimens for high resolution imaging of subsurface structures. 

   Flatmilling : uniform polishing of surfaces as large as 5 mm with variable angle milling to selectively enhance specimen surface features.

● Higher Throughput : Improved milling efficiency

   Reduced cross-sectioning times with new ion gun design compared to previous E-3500 model. (Max.Milling rate: 300 µm/h for Si - 66% reduction

   in processing time)

● Removable sample stage unit : 

   Removable sample stage unit for convenient specimen setting and cutting edge definition



Cross-section milling holder

Flatmilling holder

Gas used

Ar (argon) gas

Accelerating voltage

0 to 6 kV

Maximum milling rate*1*2(Materials Si)

Approx. 300 µm/h*1*2

Approx. 20 µm/h*3(spot)
Approx. 2 µm/h

Maximum sample size

20(W)×12(D)×7(H) mm

Φ50×25(H) mm

Sample moving range

X±7 mm, Y 0 to +3 mm

X 0 to +5 mm

Rotation angle


1 r/m, 25 r/m

Swing angle

±15°, ±30°, ±40°

±60°, ±90°



0 - 90°

Gas flow rate control system

Mass flow controller

Evacuation system

Turbo-molecular pump (33 L/s) + Rotary Pump(135 L/min at 50 Hz, 162 L/min at 60 Hz)


616(W)×705(D)×312(H) mm


Main unit 48 kg+Rotary pump 28 kg

Optional Accessories

Optical microscope for viewing of the specimen during milling



*1:This rate is the maximum depth obtained when Si is protruded from a mask edge for processing by 100 µm.

*2:This rate is the average value obtained when Si is processed for two hours.

*3:Illuminating angle : 60° Eccentric value : 4 mm

*4: Illuminating angle : 0° Eccentric value : 0 mm


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