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High precise temperature logger TATEYAMA KAGAKU K320

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High precise
Resolutlon :0.01°C
Preclslon (Stability): ±0.1°C
JCSS Calibration Service Available
Warranty: No warranty infomation

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●  Hight measurement accuracy in a wide temperature measuring range
●  Measurement accuracy 0.1 degree Celcius
●  Resolution 0.01 ℃.
●  1/10 ℃.to 1/100 ℃ change is possible.
●  Wide spread measurement range: High preciseion temprature measurement in the range from -40 ~ 320 ℃,
●  Abudant record capacity: Max 20,480 data / 2 ch. 10,240 data / 1ch
●  Record interval from 100 ms to 24 h is selectable
●  Temprature measurement at to measuring point with A & B two kind of temprature A-B, Delta A, Delta B, Delta (A-B).
●  Repetition recording: New dât can be store deleting old data by changing mode
●  Suitable for IP65: Useble in safe in various daily life.
●  PC comunication: Measured date is easily outputted to PC by USB comunication.
●  Prevent of an incorrect operation: Incorrect operation can be reduced by separating mearuring mode

     and setting change mode.
●  Long life: It is available to use for 6 month with AA batteries three pieces. It is varies by measuring frequency.

Measurement chanel number

2 chanel (Selecteable 2 chanel out put of a buit-in 1 chanel and external 2 chanel)
Input Platinum resistance bulb
Measurement temprature range

-40 ~320 degree Celcius (temprature sensor)

-20~60 degree Celcius  (buit-in temprature sensor)

Measurement accuracy 0.1 degree Celcius
Measurement resolution 1/100 degree Celcius
Recording interval Max 20,480 data / 2 ch. 10,240 data / 1ch
Recording interval from 100 ms to 24 h is selectable 
Màn hình hiển thị Liquid crystal panel (black and white)
The number of the indication figure Chargable 1/10 ℃.to 1/100 ℃
Monitor indicator

Chanel indication, temprature indication, measuring unit indication, displacament level mode indication, measurement record status, memory capacity, battery warning

Alarm function Alarm indicator appears when reaching designated temprature
Clock RTC (real time clock) is equipped
Interface USB commnication
Nguồn điện 3 AA batteries
Long life Approximately six month
Data security function Function at the time when votage of Batteries is decreased and main switch is OFF
Size 65 x 140 x 30 mm
 Main body operating temprature  -20 ~ 50  ℃
 Protection structure  Suitable for IP 65

 Three batteries, USB cable, standard Pt sensor one palce, Instruction manual (simplified)

The application software (Excel) is available by download from our product H.P

Option  Issued of Calibration Certificate
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