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Dear Customers, 


With the successful global launch of the new LAQUAtwin pocket meters series in April 2017, the demand for the older B-7XX series has reduced significantly. Hence, please note that the LAQUAtwin B-7XX pocket meters series will be discontinued by December 2017. The last-buy cut-off date is by November 2017.


As a gentle reminder, please refer to the following table for the equivalent or upgraded models of the outgoing B-7XX series:



Replacement sensors are still available and are compatible with the older B-7XX pocket meters.


LAQUAtwin Standard Solution Sets

The following old models of standard solution sets (14ml x 6) are discontinued with immediate effect and replaced by the new models:


There are no changes to the rest of LAQUAtwin standard solution sets not mentioned herein as well as to the pricing. Please plan your requirements for the B-7XX series, if there's any, while keeping in mind that the last-buy cut-off date is by November 2017.
The updated LAQUAtwin Pocket Meters Brochure and LAQUA website feature only the newer pocket meters and standard solution sets. Kindly, work with your respective markets to migrate the customers to the newer products.

Should you require any clarifications, please feel free to contact us.
Thank you! 


Yours Sincerely,
Red Star Vietnam Co., Ltd.



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