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PS12 Micrometer Scale 0.1mm in 0.002mm divisions

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Calibration slide with 0.1mm length scale subdivided into 0.002mm divisions, engraved serial number in stainless steel slide mount
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The scale is produced as a vacuum deposited chrome image on a glass disc, with a coverglass cemented on top. This is mounted in a stainless steel slide mount and is supplied in a polished wooden case. Internationally traceable certificates of calibration are available to satisfy the requirements of ISO.

Line width: 0.001mm

Accuracy (overall): <0.001mm

Image of product showing locating ring with cross and enlarged central scale detail.



Pattern Description Order code
PS12 Micrometer Scale 0.1mm in 0.002mm divisions 05A01043
  PS12 with Grats certificate of comparison 05A01043/GRA
  PS12 with UKAS certificate of calibration 05A01043/UKA
  PS12 with NPL certificate of calibration 05A01043/NPL


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