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Automate your processes Automate your lab Innovate with EasyPREP sample handler

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The Sample Handler is designed for ICP labs to automate Pre- and Post- Digestion sample preparation:

  • Dispense up to 7 Reagents
  • Prepare Calibration Curve
  • Perform Serial Dilutions
  • Normalize Samples
  • Transfer Samples
  • Aliquot Samples
  • Dilute Samples




Improve productivity by assigning your personnel to value added tasks.

Ensure that the lab complies to your accuracy and precision requirements.

Ensure Repeatability of sample to sample with manual tasks.

Quick reference and tracking of result records.


For ICP/ICP-MS labs

  • The Sample Handler provides ICPlabs with the capability to perform other tedious liquid handling operations specific to your labs’ workflow applications.


Automate Sample Normalization

  • Automated sample normalization saves time, improves precision and eliminates human errors.
  • Ultrasonic Level Sensing performs Normalization to a wide range of volumes based on customer requirements.
  • The AccuNORM* executes Normalization with Class A Accuracy.


Uses labs` existing digestion and icp autosampler racks racks

  • Compatible with most digestion system racks. Designed to adapt to most digestion and ICP autosampler racks and vessels.
  • Provides all the necessary flexibility to seamlessly automate lab method.
  • Samples can be batched and transferred to, or from, the Sample Handler, using the labs’ existing digestion and ICP racks.


Corrosion resistant

  • Built to operate in a corrosive environment.

  • The Sample Handler can handle the most corrosive including Hydrofluoric Acid

 *Optional Accessory


Software Features


  • Intuitive method development allows: Addition of up to 7 reagents, aliquoting and sample dilution, standard addition, reagent dispensing, and sample transfers. Normalization and non-fixed ratio serial dilution functions can also be programed.
  • Automated calibration curve preparation for ICP instruments.
  • Insert breaks in the method to allow offline manipulation such as digestion.
  • Save common methods for fast setup of routine operations.
  • Customizable rack configuration to accommodate most rack vessels and capacity requirements.
  • Create your own rack configurations and visualize them on the screen
  • Preconfigured to accommodate transfer of DigiTUBE content to NovaWave racks.
  • The Inert Gas Bubble Stirrer Accessory provides sample homogenization with controlled duration and speed at any point during the process.
  • Visualization of run status in real-time.
  • Advanced functions allow software controlled dispensing and transfer parameters based on speed, viscosity, density, etc.
  • Load sample ID lists via optiona Bar Code Reader.


Dispensing volume accuracy and precision


System calibration of dispensing accuracy conforms to ISO 8655-5 and compliant with ISO 17025. ISO 8655-4 tolerance limits are:


Syringe Volume Accuracy Precision
ml ±% ±μla ±%b ±μlc
1 0.6 6 0.2 2
5 0.6 30 0.2 10
10 0.6 60 0.2 20
25 0.6 150 0.2 50
50 0.6 300 0.2 100

a. Calculated as deviation from the mean for 10 replicate measurements.
b. Calculated as the coefficient of variation for 10 replicate measurements.
c. Calculated as the standard deviation for 10 replicate measurements



Typical Sample Preparation Procedure



Samples never leave the sample tubes which never leave the racks throughout the Digestion process. The Sample Handler is designed to maximize efficiency by automating the Digestion Process while requiring the least sample transfers possible.


 1. Weigh samples into tared 50 ml DigiTUBEs and insert them into a DigiPREP rack. Transfer the rack to the Sample Handler.








 2. Sample Handler: Dilute, add acid and other reagents to each sample.


  3. Transfer the rack with the 50 ml DigiTUBE samples from the Sample Handler to the DigiPREP digestion system. Digest samples.








 4. Sample Handler: Once digestion is complete, return the rack with samples to the Sample Handler. Add internal standard directly into each sample DigiTUBE.








 5. Sample Handler + Accunorm: Normalize the sample in the 50 ml DigiTUBE using Accunorm with a precision of: + / - 0.250 ml.








 6. Sample Handler: Transfer samples from the 50 ml DigiTube rack to a 15 ml autosampler tube rack. Analyze by ICP or AA.








 7. AA, ICP or ICP/MS : analyze your samples.


Sample Handler Ordering Information


Description Catalog #
Step 1 - Order instrument

EasyPREP Sample Handler (110V/230V), with software

Items included in the basic configuration
Full tray, for Sample Handler ---
Dispensing tip ---
EasyPREP 8ML Dispensing Tubing, (pk/4) ---
Step 2 - Select syringe pump
Syringe Pump,1 ml, 5 ml, 10 ml, 25 ml 010-400-018
Syringe Pump, 50 ml 010-400-019
Syringe Pump for HF, 5 ml 010-400-009
ISO 17025 and ISO 8655-5 Compliant Request Instrument Certification

System calibration of dispensing accuracy certification
Catalog # 010-400-050

Step 3 - Select Syringe
Syringe, 1 ml 010-400-102
Syringe, 5 ml 010-400-104
Syringe for HF, 5 ml 010-400-106
Syringe,10 ml 010-400-108
Syringe, 25 ml 010-400-110
Syringe, 50 ml 010-400-112
Step 4 - Select rack
Rack, 54 positions, DigiPREP MS, 15ml 010-515-027
Rack, 40 positions, DigiPREP Jr, 15ml 010-515-023
Rack, 12 positions, for Cetac Autosampler, 50 ml tubes 010-510-050
Rack, 18 positions, for Hotblock, 50 ml tubes 010-500-025
Rack, 40 positions, 16 mm tubes 130-012-102
Rack, 24 positions, DigiPREP Jr, 50 ml DigiTUBEs 010-505-021
Rack, 24 positions, DigiPREP, MS/LS 50 ml DigiTUBEs 010-500-021
Rack, custom Please contact us
Rack, NovaWAVE Transport Rack, 12 positions, 50/75 ml tubes 010-400-044
Half tray, for use with NovaWAVE Transport Rack 010-400-098
Barcode reader, for rapid loading of sample identification 010-600-034
AccuNORM, required to normalize sample volumes 010-400-090
Bubble Stirrer, with inert gas feature 010-400-092
7 ml loop, for larger sample volumes, prevents sample from entering the syringe 010-400-048
Dispensing tip replacement 010-400-093
Piercing Needle 1.2 × 0.4 L=150 w/fitting 010-400-026
Pipetting Needles Nickel-plated hub; 18 gauge; 6 in. length 010-400-022
Dispensing Tip, PEEK 010-400-024

Fume Hood, protects samples from environmental contamination and vice versa when using Sample Handler,

Inside dimensions: D 37.2 x W 31 x H 31.7, Outside dimensions: D 43 x W 32.7 x H 35.7

PC with Windows OS 010-400-008





For more infomation, please contact:

Red Star Vietnam Co., Ltd.



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